A mother of two children, Tracey Cairns created SitSwap.ca to give GTA Toronto moms a low-cost option for childcare. Now there is no excuse for not getting out and giving yourself a much needed break from your children.

Tracey experienced first-hand how babysitting costs interfered with her life. Her freedom was at the price of $10-15 per hour, the average babysitting rate. She watched her childcare costs soar to $600 per month. It ate into her part-time earnings and caused her to feel guilt over doing anything fun that required hiring a babysitter. The price for freedom was out of control and she felt trapped. Not good.

Realizing that there must be other Canadian women feeling cooped up and frustrated, Tracey created SitSwap.ca - a free "ticket out" for moms; a childcare option without the expense and guilt associated with spending money. Hence SitSwap.ca was born. By simply tapping into a local "sisterhood" of experienced moms, any Canadian woman can now access free support and develop friendships with other women from nearby neighbourhoods. The possibilities are endless.

Prior to launching SitSwap.ca, Tracey honed 15 years' business expertise working in Canada's information technology sector. With a focus on software sales and technical consulting services, Tracey held long-term positions in corporate recruitment, SAP and Microsoft business development and launched a national PeopleSoft consulting practice.

Out of her compassion for helping women in crisis, Tracey launched WomenAide (www.womenaide.com) in 2006.

Through relationships  with community leaders, media partners and passionate volunteers, WomenAide collects and donates personal    goods-in-kind to women's abuse shelters in Toronto.  Since its inception, WomenAide has raised thousands of items for women in crisis. Ernestine's, Woman's Habitat, ETA Vaughan, Nellies and Red Door are shelters that have benefited from WomenAide's donations year after year. 

 In 2009, Tracey proudly accepted an "Urban Hero Award" from the Toronto Community News for WomenAide's contributions to society.