What is SitSwap.ca

Make no doubt about it - getting some free time to yourself makes you a happier mom!

Being a mom is a wonderful experience! But feelings of isolation that come with being at home all day, every day with noisy kids can trigger bouts of anxiety and depression. We’ve all been there. And who wants to feel the guilty pinch of spending money when you need a well-deserved break from your kids? No one.

Join SitSwap.ca, and become part of our private "sisterhood" of experienced moms who happily exchange occasional babysitting favours with each other ... for free. Find yourself a SitSwap buddy...and enjoy the reciprocal "gift of childcare" you'll provide one another.

The Perks? Go have some fun!

Now there is no financial excuse for not getting out.

Get that part-time job you've always wanted - and because childcare is now less expensive, you get to keep more of your earnings. Take a course, go to the gym, have a date night with your hubby, or simply go to the spa to relax. Treat yourself to something special with the money you'll save on childcare or tuck the savings into your child's RESP account.

Here are more added SitSwap.ca benefits


Avoid awkward repeated requests to your friends and family to look after your kids.
(You know who I'm talking about....your Mom and poor Aunt Lucy). Call your SitSwap buddy to help you out instead.


Say “goodbye” to that so-called friend of yours who never reciprocates playdates. Your SitSwap buddy will!


If your regular paid babysitter is not available, supplement with your SitSwap buddy.
She's your best "backup".


Moved to a new neighbourhood? Use SitSwap.ca to find new "local" friends right around the corner. Your kids will be happy they found new playmates too.


Stop feeling guilty about adding financial burden when you want to escape for a little while!

SitSwap.ca is a smart childcare option surely worth exploring