Membership Rules

All members welcome the opportunity to meet a new SitSwap buddy. Members have one thing in common; they joined to make supportive friends to reciprocate childcare with.

Here are the common sense rules:


Develop a trusting SitSwap relationship first before the childcare begins.

Take your time to grow your SitSwap friendships. Only when you and your child are comfortable should the babysitting exchange begin. Please refer to our "How to Find your Perfect SitSwap Buddy" page.


Show Respect & Courtesy to the SitSwap sisterhood

Respond to all e-mail inquiries from SitSwap members. If a member is trying to reach you, be polite and reply.


Arrive on time/Pick up on time

Punctuality is crucial. Call in advance if you are going to be late. If you have to cancel your sitswap, please give your SitSwap buddy ample notice. Bring items that your child will find comforting such as a blanket, a special toy or snack.


Leave Phone Numbers

Make sure you leave your SitSwap buddy a phone number or cell phone number where you can be reached just in case. Another suggestion is to leave an alternate contact phone number in the event they can't reach you. The phone number of your paediatrician is also helpful.


Do NOT bring a sick child to a SitSwap

If little Billy has a fever,runny nose or tummy trouble...keep him at home. It would be unfair to your SitSwap buddy and her children ... and selfish on your part. She is allowed to refuse your child if this is the case.


The Exchange Rate

The Exchange Rate is the amount of reciprocal time you and your SitSwap buddy provide childcare services to one another. If you look after your SitSwap buddy's children for three hours then she owes you 3 hours of childcare in return. You will need to discuss what "exchange rate" works for both of you. SitSwap does not have any involvement in the negotiation of exchange rates.


Bring Medications

Bring medications (ie Ventolin/EpiPen, Benadryl) with instructions and MedicAlert bracelets.


Smile and have fun with the kids!

Be happy! You children will love the playdates. You are saving money and making new supportive buddies in your neighbourhood. Enjoy the mutual benefits that your special sitswap relationship brings.